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OSHA Respirator Questionnaire Online


Employers must provide the respirator clearance questionnaire to any employee required to wear a respirator at work to ensure that each employee is medically able to do so.

Complete yours online right now for just $25, and get your clearance in one business day or less!

The Process

  • Click on the “Get Started” button, and submit debit or credit payment – the questionnaire review costs $25
  • Complete your respirator clearance questionnaire on a computer or mobile device, then submit
  • The completed respirator clearance questionnaire will be reviewed by our staff PLHCP Medical Provider
  • A respirator clearance certificate will be issued to you within one (1) business day!
Respirator Clearance Questionnaire

Respirator Clearance Classifications

  • Class I: No restrictions on respirator use.
  • Class II: Respirator use for Emergency Response or Escape Only
  • Class III: Respirator use is not permitted

**If additional medical information is required for clearance, then it will be requested on your certificate. You can contact our office to obtain instructions on where to send the requested information.

**All information provided on the medical questionnaire will be handled in accordance to HIPAA and OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.134 guidelines.

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The Mobile Advantage

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