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As per OSHA, employers must provide the respirator medical clearance questionnaire to any employee required to wear a respirator at work to ensure that each employee is medically able to do so.

At Worksite Medical®, we make completing the questionnaire an easy and affordable process. Your employees can complete the questionnaire online, have it reviewed by our staff PLHCP Medical Provider, and have a respirator clearance certificate issued within five (5) business days.

All information provided on the medical questionnaire will be handled in accordance to HIPAA and OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.134 guidelines.


  • Class I: No restrictions on respirator use.
  • Class II: Respirator use for Emergency Response or Escape Only
  • Class III: Respirator use is not permitted

**If additional medical information is required for clearance, then it will be requested on your certificate. You can contact our office to obtain instructions on where to send the requested information after completing your OSHA respirator questionnaire.