RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: NJ Company Faces Over $150K in Fines

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Follow-Up Inspection Unearths Several Violations


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined New Jersey pet food manufacturer $152,829 for exposing employees to unsafe work conditions. The violations, which include failing to implement a respiratory protection program, were found during a follow-up inspection at the company’s Howell, NJ facility.

The company was initially inspected twice in 2017 after an employee had four fingers amputated when a batch mixer activated while being cleaned.


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OSHA cited the pet food manufacturer for the following violations:


Health & Safety Must Both Be Considered


While safety is an important issue in manufacturing and production – the health of employees is just as important, and often, much more nuanced. Developing a successful respiratory protection program is more than simply providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers.


Here are 5 steps for getting your respiratory program started:


1. Evaluate your contaminants — Generally, industrial hygienists will evaluate a workplace in order to determine if employees are at risk of exposure.

Airborne contaminants can present a significant threat in the form of dusts, fogs, fumes, mists, gases, smoke, sprays, and vapor.

2. Create a written respiratory protection program – A program administrator is responsible for developing and implementing a written respiratory protection program.

This should include specific procedures and elements for respirator use. The written program should also outline procedures for the following steps.

3. Select proper respirators – Employers should select respirators based on the findings from step #1. Identified hazards and workplace & user factors should all go into selecting the best equipment.

Respirators must be NIOSH certified.

4. Provide medical evaluations – Before an employee can be given for fit tested for a respirator, they must complete a medical evaluation to determine their medical eligibility for respirator use.


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5. Fit testing – Employees should then be fit tested with the exact same make, model, and size of the respirator that will be used in the workplace. Tight-fitting face pieces must past appropriate qualitative or quantitative fit tests.


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After these steps are completed employees can begin using their respirators. Employees should be sure to also provide procedures for maintenance & care, breathing air quality, identification of filters, cartridges, and canisters, and training in their respiratory program.


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Respiratory hazards rank annually as a top-10 OSHA violation. Don’t let your job site fall out of compliance.

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OSHA’s Full Respirator Standard: CLICK HERE

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