Quest Diagnostics Releases Insights on 2020 Workforce Drug Testing

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Sharp rises in marijuana drug testing positivity have caused the positive drug test rate for U.S. workers to continue at a historically high level, according to an annual analysis by lab services provider Quest Diagnostics.


What the 2020 Workforce Drug Testing Report Says


The researchers analyzed the data of more than 7 million samples from the combined U.S. workforce, including workers in the general workforce and employees who undergo federally mandated drug testing.

Researchers found that 4.4 percent of the samples tested positive, down from a 16-year high of 4.5 percent in 2019, but higher than the 3.5 percent 30-year low recorded in 2010, 2011, and 2012. 

The positivity rates of urine samples were up — as were positive results from saliva and hair samples. However, among the federally mandated workforce, the positivity of urine samples declined by 10.2 percent. 


Other Findings


  • By industry, retail trade and accommodation/food services had the highest overall positivity rate at 6.2 percent — which is a 21.6 percent jump for the accommodation/food services industry. 
  • The highest overall increase in the last few years was in transportation and warehousing with a 41.9 percent uptick since 2016. 
  • The construction rate had the highest positivity rate for both cocaine and methamphetamines, at 0.32 percent and 0.21 percent respectively. 
  • The rate of positive marijuana tests doubled in finance/insurance, the largest increase of any industry 
  • Accommodation/food services had the highest rate of positive marijuana samples at 6.3 percent 
  • While marijuana may be up, the rate of positive cocaine tests has dropped from 21.4 in the general workforce since 2016.



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