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Heavier Fines to be Levied by OSHA in 2018


On Jan. 2, the Department of Labor announced that the maximum penalty amounts for violations of OSHA standards would increase by two percent this year. Each year, the DOL is required to adjust penalty amounts for inflation. States with their own standards and regulations must also raise their maximum penalties by the same amount.


Here is your guide for the 2018 maximum fines and penalties for OSHA violations:


Type of ViolationPenalty


Posting Requirements

$12,934 per violation
Failure to Abate$12,934 per day beyond the abatement date
Willful or Repeated$129,336 per violation


As penalties increase, there is a greater financial risk for companies that receive even a small fine. An “other-than-serious” fine may not seem like a big deal at the time, however, when accepting these fines the company is then at risk for a “repeat” violation or a “willful” violation. The penalties for these violations can be more than ten times the amount of lesser violations. As inflation increases over the next few years, these fines could reach up to $150,000 each.


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Companies should take note now — especially those who already have existing fines or multiple facilities and work sites. Take ownership of the health and safety of your work site before OSHA comes to visit. A comprehensive system for discovering and solving health violations is medical surveillance.


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Medical Surveillance


In most cases, medical surveillance testing is an OSHA requirement. Worksite Medical will come directly to your job site to perform said testing on your team members, which limits risk of sending them off-site and productivity loss. If you’re near Belcamp, MD or Ellwood City, PA, then you can send your team to one of our workers’ compensation clinics, which were designed specifically for workers, unlike emergency rooms and urgent care clinics (View our Clinic Pages HERE). You can view a full list our services here.

Contact Worksite Medical at 1-844-OCCUMED to schedule a visit today, and avoid skyrocketing fines and penalties.


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