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A Week for Health & Safety


OSHA’s annual Safe + Sound week begins on Aug. 12. So, what is Safe + Sound week, exactly?

Each year, OSHA takes a week to really key in on effective workplace health & safety programs. The administration uses this week to help get programs started, energize existing programs, and to give businesses the opportunity to recognize their safety successes. Furthermore, it provides workers with the opportunity to get more involved.

Last year, over 2,700 businesses helped to raise awareness about workers’ health and safety.

OSHA encourages organizations of any size and any industry to participate in the week’s events. Workplaces can plan to host their own events, or sign up to attend sessions to learn more about proactive ways to improve occupational health and safety. 

“Leadership commitment matters and demonstrates workplace safety is a priority,” said Loren Sweatt, acting assistant secretary of labor.

“Safe + Sound Week reminds employers that safety and health programs help businesses save money, eliminate injuries, and most importantly save lives.”


Getting Involved with Safe + Sound Week


Involve your entire workplace, from management to workers to your community, in keeping everyone informed about best practices and expectations.

To plan and promote events for Safe + Sound Week, use OSHA’s website participants and events portal – Click Here.

The website also features sample agendas and event checklists to help you create an informative event around important topics, such as: 

  • Management Leadership: The top of an organization sets the example for valuing health and safety. Participate in management leadership events to visibly show dedication to this core organizational value.


  • Worker Participation: Engage your workers and show them they are a valuable partner in establishing health and safety in the workplace. They are the experts on their jobs and may have knowledge and innovative ideas on how to improve health and safety.


  • Find and Fix Hazards: Make the goal of establishing procedures to identify and control potential health and safety hazards. You can spotlight hazards and even take steps to implement a medical surveillance program.

This year’s event focuses specifically on celebrating the success of businesses that have implemented health and safety programs in their workplaces.

Businesses that complete events during Safe + Sound week can download a certificate and a web page recognizing a commitment to health and safety. 


Healthy & Safe Workplace


Making health and safety a priority does more than just protect workers.

It improves business performance, saves money, and creates a greater sense of trust and well-being in your community. A great step in any health and safety program involves a comprehensive medical surveillance program. 

With Worksite Medical’s mobile medical testing, we make programs easier and more convenient than ever before. From audiometric testing and wellness events to respirator fit testing and OSHA physicals, we bring the entire clinic to you.

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And, remember to stay safe and sound!

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