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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited 85 businesses for coronavirus-related violations between the beginning of the pandemic through Oct. 8 2020.

The overwhelming majority of cited companies are located in the eastern portion of the United States. Proposed penalties now total $1,222,156.

The agency cited these businesses for failure to do the following: 

  • Implement a written respiratory protection program 
  • Provide a medical evaluation, respirator fit test, training on the proper use of a respirator and personal protective equipment 
  • Report an injury, illness or fatality 
  • Record an injury or illness on OSHA recordkeeping forms 
  • Comply with OSHA’s general duty clause 

A full list of violations can be found here

OSHA previously announced 62 of the 85 business citations. In addition to those establishments, the 23 more received coronavirus-related citations totaling $309,023 from OSHA relating to one or more of the above violations from Oct. 1 to Oct. 8. 


How to Protect the Health of Essential Workers 


  • Stagger shifts: Schedule members of your team for shorter work shifts at different times. It’s still possible to keep projects running on schedule with staggered shifts.
  • Limit physical interaction: You’ve heard of “social distancing,” and you can apply the same concept on your jobsite. Try to keep workers six feet away from each other by splitting up break times and locations, and making workers aware that they shouldn’t get too close.
  • Provide necessary safety equipment: In addition to any normal PPE that may be required on your jobsite, employers should also provide masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, and paper towels. Managers should also consider scheduling regular cleaning in areas where workers congregate.
  • Limit customer interaction: The rules of social distancing also apply if you work face to face with customers. Stay six feet away, and limit the number of customers who can come into your business place to one at a time.
  • Implement medical surveillance: You’ve probably heard of companies keep thermometers on hand to test workers on arrival, but you can take health precautions one step further with medical surveillance.

Worksite Medical can dispatch a mobile medical unit to your jobsite to perform Coronavirus symptom screening, respirator fit tests, audio exams and more. You can also get access to instant respirator questionnaire medical clearances via our all-new online portal. 


About Worksite Medical

In most cases, OSHA requires medical surveillance testing, and at no cost to employees.

Worksite Medical makes that program easier with mobile medical testing.

We conduct on-site respirator fit tests, as well as pulmonary function tests and heavy metal lab work, right on your job site. We also keep accurate, easy-to-access medical records for your convenience. You’ll keep your employees at work, and stay ahead of OSHA inspections.

With Worksite Medical, a mobile medical testing unit — we can bring all the resources of a lab to you. Our certified lab technicians can perform both qualitative and quantitative respirator tests to ensure a perfect fit.

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