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On, April 16, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) issued a memo on April 16 announcing that they would take “good faith” efforts into account during workplace inspections. The agency made this decision after acknowledging that some standards may be difficult to comply with due to the ongoing health emergency of COVID-19. 

The memo states that, “widespread business closures, restrictions on travel, limitations on group sizes, facility visitor prohibitions, and stay-at-home or shelter-in-place requirements may limit the availability of employees, consultants, or contractors who normally provide training, auditing, equipment inspections, testing, and other essential safety and industrial hygiene services.”

The new guidance did not list an end date, stating that it will take effect “until further notice.” 


How does OSHA determine a “good faith” effort? 


In order for inspectors to consider an effort as good faith, compliance safety and health officers (CSHOs) will assess an employer’s efforts to comply with standards that require annual or recurring audits, reviews, training, or assessments.

The following will be considered: 

  • Did an employer thoroughly explore all options to comply with an applicable standard? (e.g. the use of virtual training) 
  • In situations where compliance was not possible, did employers ensure that employees were not exposed to hazards from tasks, processes, or equipment for which they were not prepared or trained? 
  • Were interim alternative protections implemented or provided to protect employees, such as engineering or administrative controls? 
  • Did the employer take steps to reschedule to required annual activity as soon as possible? 


If employers cannot demonstrate any efforts to comply, citations may then be issued under the existing enforcement policy. However, if good faith efforts have been made, then area OSHA offices will take it into “strong consideration” when deciding whether to cite a violation.

Employers should keep documentation of these efforts, as they can help support the decision. 


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The annex of the memo details five scenarios in which an employer would not be cited. Those five scenarios include: Annual audiograms, annual process safety management requirements, hazardous waste operations training, respirator fit testing and training, maritime crane training and certification and construction crane operator certification. 


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What’s Next? 


OSHA is currently developing a plan to conduct monitoring inspections from a randomized sampling of cases where violations were noted but not cited, once normal activities resume.

CSHOs have been directed to enter the code N-10-ABATEMENT DEFFERED into the OSHA Information System to denote such cases. The administration plans to offer additional guidance on monitoring at a later date. 

Make sure to check out our coronavirus resources page  to stay up-to-date with EHS updates during the pandemic.



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