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Sore throats, fuzzy heads, nausea, and tiredness — most people have been unfortunate enough to experience the flu and its symptoms at least once in their lives. Each year on average, between 5 and 20 percent of the U.S. population comes down with the flu. This can mean days, even weeks of missed work — costing employers the time and health of valuable employees. Get ahead of this year’s flu season by reserving your company-wide flu shots now.

Early Prevention

Although the timing of the flu is unpredictable, the virus usually peaks between December and February and can continue into late March. Luckily, getting the flu shot can be a markedly effective defense against the virus. Last year, the CDC reported that the effectiveness of the shot was between 41 and 55 percent for both strains. However, the longer you wait to get vaccinated, the higher your chances of getting infected. 

The standard vaccination period for the flu shot is between October and November, with shipments beginning in August — just a month away. The vaccine itself takes about two weeks to become effective. So when it comes to flu prevention, earlier is always better.

The Benefit of Company Wide Flu Shots

Avoid a company-wide epidemic by hosting a vaccine clinic for your business. The flu is easily spread throughout the workplace, and workers infected with the virus may not even show symptoms for a few days while they are contagious. If an employee comes down with the flu, they may have to take three-to-five days off from work, although productivity could be impacted for two weeks while they fully recover.

Keep your productivity high even in the peak of flu season by offering company-wide flu shots. You’ll have fewer workers out getting the shot at their doctor’s office or being home sick. Showing that your company cares about the health of your employees can boost engagement and morale. 

Hosting a Clinic

Hosting a flu vaccine clinic is simple, especially when you use a medical company that already travels to worksites on a daily basis. Worksite Medical has a fleet of mobile medical vehicles, which means we don’t have to waste any time setting up stations. Your workers can come directly into the vehicle and receive their vaccination from an experienced healthcare professional in a safe environment. Furthermore, if you’re near Ellwood City, PA or Belcamp, MD, you can send your team to one of our standalone clinics (addresses listed below).

Each employee need only take a few minutes out of their day to stay protected throughout the entire flu season.

Contact Worksite Medical to book your mobile clinic today, and stay ahead of flu season.

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Save 10% On Mobile Flu Shots When You Schedule!

Save 10% On Mobile Flu Shots When You Schedule!