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In the world of occupational safety and health, OSHA’s 2023 Safe + Sound Week stands as a crucial annual event dedicated to raising awareness about workplace safety and its impact on employees and organizations.

Organized by OSHA, the week-long event gathers employers, workers, and safety advocates to champion the cause of creating safe and healthy work environments.

This year’s edition takes place between August 7-13, prioritizing mental health and overall well-being. As part of that, they’re offering valuable resources to reduce workplace stress and provide support for mental health.

The struggles of poor mental health, workplace stress, and even suicide extends beyond personal well-being, directly impacting work-related matters.

Particularly in industries like construction, where the suicide rate stands at 3½ times more than the general population, mental health remains as critical as physical health.

So, let’s take a look at the essence of the yearly OSHA Safe + Sound Week, why it matters, and how you and your team can participate.


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A group of safety minded individuals during OSHA's 2023 Safe and Sound week

Promoting a Culture of Safety


One of the primary objectives of OSHA’s 2023 Safe + Sound Week is to promote a culture of safety across industries.

By fostering a safety-first mindset, employers can create an environment where workplace hazards are promptly identified, addressed, and mitigated.

This cultural attitude goes beyond mere compliance with safety regulations; it instills a sense of responsibility and vigilance among workers, empowering them to actively participate in their safety and the safety of their colleagues.


Empowering Workers through Education


Education plays a pivotal role in preventing workplace accidents and illnesses.

During the 2023 Safe + Sound Week, you’re encouraged to engage in training sessions that equip your team with essential safety knowledge.

Workshops, webinars, and seminars cover a wide range of topics, from hazard recognition and control to emergency response protocols.

Well-informed workers are better equipped to identify potential risks and contribute to maintaining a secure work environment.


2023 Safe + Sound Week Recognizes Safety Achievements


OSHA’s 2023 Safe + Sound Week serves as an opportunity to celebrate the safety achievements your organization has demonstrated to exceptional commitment in safeguarding your workers.

As part of that, you’re encouraged to share success stories and best practices you use in improving workplace safety.

Recognizing and rewarding such efforts not only boosts your employees’ morale, but also inspires other companies to follow suit.


Strengthening Safety Programs


In addition to celebrating success stories and highlighting the need for safety, the 2023 Safe + Sound event provides you with a chance to evaluate and strengthen your existing safety programs.

Regular safety audits and assessments during this week help identify areas that require improvement or additional resources.

It also serves as an annual reminder to reevaluate your safety policies, and make necessary updates to align with changing regulations and emerging risks.


Fostering Collaboration and Networking


OSHA’s 2023 Safe + Sound Week goes beyond simply looking at your own business’s safety practices. In fact, it actively fosters collaboration and networking opportunities for both employers and safety professionals.

National events and gatherings enable the sharing of ideas and experiences, enabling participants to learn from one another and develop innovative solutions to common safety challenges.

This collective effort plays a crucial role in advancing safety practices across various industries.


Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace


In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace. And, as such, OSHA’s 2023 Safe + Sound Week focuses directly on the impact of mental health on employee well-being and overall safety.

Employers are encouraged to incorporate mental health support mechanisms into their safety programs, de-stigmatizing mental health issues and promoting a work environment that prioritizes employees’ emotional well-being.


7 Easy Ways Your Organization Can Participate This Year


  • Participate in Safe + Sound Week, whether you’re launching a new program in your organization or seeking to energize an existing one.
  • Use the week as a platform to conduct a series of safety walkarounds in various locations at your site and document your findings.
  • Host a “Find and Fix” event to encourage your team to identify and suggest solutions to hazards that could cause injuries and illnesses.
  • Sign up to receive e-mail updates on resources for hosting events on the Safe + Sound website.
  • Have employees provide feedback on what safety meeting topics or toolbox talks should be added to your safety program.
  • Recognize workers or teams for contributions to workplace safety.
  • Share photos of your teams participating in Safe + Sound Week by using the hashtag #SafeAndSoundAtWorkon social media.


Key Takeaways


The 2023 OSHA Safe + Sound Week serves as a beacon of safety consciousness, reminding us of the significance of workplace safety and health.

By fostering a culture of safety, empowering workers through education, and recognizing safety achievements, employers can make great strides in reducing workplace accidents and promoting employee well-being.

Last year, more than 3,300 businesses helped raise awareness about workers’ safety and health. And, through continued safety education campaigns and awareness, that number will continue to grow in the future.

Strengthening safety programs and addressing mental health in the workplace further enhances the overall safety landscape.

As we participate in this important event, we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that every worker returns home safely each day.



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