5 Ways to Get Workers On Board With Health & Safety

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Are You Getting Feedback From Your Team?


Maintaining OSHA standards for worksite compliance is full-time job. Health and safety risks can change every day, which means there’s constantly room for improvement. Following guidelines and managing hazards is important, but you may be overlooking your best resource — your employees.

Think about it, who is more knowledgeable when it comes to the tasks, tools, and equipment used on the job? Your workers are the experts, and they can be a great source of knowledge and ideas for improvements. We’ve broken down how to create an open conversation within your company and achieve greater health and safety on the job site.


5 Steps to Encourage and Utilize Worker Participation in Worksite Compliance


1. Survey your Employees

Use this as your basis for starting a dialogue within your company. You’ll be able to get some insights into areas that may need improvement and make your workers feel that their voices matter. Workers may feel more comfortable voicing concerns through an anonymous survey. The National Safety Council has its own Employee Safety Perception Survey that you can use!


2. Provide Info on Workers’ Rights

Some employees may feel uncomfortable giving honest feedback. Educate your workers on laws that allow them to speak up without fear of retribution.


3. Use Office Hours 

Once you’ve created an informative baseline for an open dialogue, take the next step by offering office hours. This should be a place where workers can feel free to stop by and chat about any concerns or ideas they may have. Keep yourself accessible by offering this time on-the-clock.


4. Host a Discussion Session 

If you want to create an even larger dialogue, invite your workers to participate in a discussion group. You’ll hear different perspectives and gain important understandings from your employees. Make sure to write down what is said so you can address important concerns or ideas that are raised.


5. Set Up a Medical Surveillance Program 

Get ahead of health and safety issues by scheduling Medical Surveillance Testing. You and your workers can get peace of mind with medical screenings and PPE testing. If there’s a problem, you’ll know what changes need to be made. You can even schedule a mobile medical unit to come to your worksite so employees don’t face the hassle of going off-site, and you don’t lose productivity.


Follow these steps and make compliance, health, and safety a goal for your entire workforce. You may even be recognized by OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program, which acknowledges exemplary efforts by employers and employees that achieve outstanding occupational health and safety.

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